I'm coming off such a high right now!!! I know this is silly but I just reorganized my cereal cabinet. Valspar Indigo Go-Go cabinet makeover

Sorry I don't have a before, but it is your standard unfinished, in stock cabinet. I love having 2 shelves now, versus the 1 before. I took everything out, painted it Valspar Indigo Go-Go. A sample I had bought for base cabinets and I thought inside a cabinet would be the best spot to test it. If I didn't like it for the cabinets it wasn't in my face. If I did like it awesome! The verdict is still out but I love it in the cabinet. After the paint dried I drilled more holes for the shelf brackets at the bottom. I took the tallest bottle and marked it a little above that. Drilled some holes and put in these little shelf things from A's old shelf that was falling apart. hardware that saved the day

Then I measured and cut the second shelf using the our miter and table saw. The exhilarating part??? I cut the bottom shelf with the table saw BY MYSELF! I know that may sound stupid, but I have always been a little leery of them and then when I had my AICD I was always concerned with interference. Well I decided today, with no one but my kids at home{possibly stupid} to try it. I had no problems AND it was the funnest {new word people} thing I have done in a long time! I wonder what I can cut next....