Dual Purpose


Since A's room is on the small side I'm making a dual purpose piece of furniture for her. When we put the new flooring down we moved her bed to the biggest interior wall conveniently {or not so conveniently} next to the heat vent. Well she has a problem of dropping things out of bed. My solution a bench...that works as a night stand. I took my design from Ana White's Providence bench. I would have loved to add the boards going up at an angle but I needed it to be a more manageable size. I was lucky enough to be able to make the whole thing out of scrap wood from previous projects! The top is a 2x12 remnant from my kitchen window cabinet {which is half finished on my wall} and the 2x4 pieces are from who knows what. First I stained the whole bench Kona then I stenciled a gorgeous pattern I found at Joann Fabrics onto the top. { The paint I used was latex wall paint and before varnishing I sprayed the pattern with an acrylic sealer just in case.} image

{You can see another board in the background, that is for another project in A's room.}

This will be my first project using diy chalk paint. I taped off the top piece where I didn't want any chalk paint, put petroleum jelly on a bunch of spots, and then painted.

{My recipe was 2 cups paint, 4 tbsp Plaster of Paris and 2 tbsp of water. Mix the water and plaster thoroughly then add paint.}


First coat. image

Second coat. Thinking I need a third, hmmm.


Sigh, yes it does...one more coat, so much better. image This is what it looks like with the third coat of diy chalk paint. After it's done drying I will go over and gently sand where I had put the petroleum jelly. imageHere you can see where I distressed (sanded off) where I had applied the petroleum jelly. After the distressing I applied 4 coats of Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane Satin in spray form. I am totally loving spray varnish, I love how it goes on without brush strokes...and yes I occasionally get brush strokes. {I know how to fix the brush strokes but the spray varnish is sooooo much easier!}

imageIt fits in perfectly with what I am going for in her room!

imageThis is where it will be 99% of the time.

imageI threw in a couple extra pictures of it away from its future placement {has to wait 24 hours before use}...I just love it! image