Don't Cry Over Spilled Polycrylic!

We are so close to being done with the bathroom. I have some paint to touch up, one teeny strip of bead board to paint, and varnish. Well I did not want to to touch up paint before varnishing and I wanted to get the stained trim protected from everything, especially my children.

The first coat went on extremely well, I had my bathroom fan on to suck out the nasty fumes even though the poly I am using is low VOC. I sanded the trim, then wiped it down. Working from the baseboard up I did the north wall. I almost lost the can of poly, and thought "oh cripes, let's not drop this." {I would like to point out that it is a full can.} That wall done, yay! Next I started on the west wall and that is when this happened...2014-01-26 12.11.44

Those lovely arrows point out the obvious and not so obvious places the Polycrylic hit. All I can say is at this point I am glad it was not oil based.

2014-01-26 13.02.31

So I grabbed my mop and proceeded  to clean up the puddle, or should I say lake, in my bathroom. First I mopped up the most of it, then used soapy water to wash the floor. Second, I washed it off the bead board. By the time I got to the actual vanity it had mostly dried, but it was still coming off good, phew!  The curtain? I just said whatever, I will make a new one. After cleaning up a good 3/4's of the can, I finished varnishing the trim.

Sigh...vanish done!