DIY Chalkboard...framed and hung

I have been working on redoing the hallway and one of the things I wanted was a diy chalkboard. I ended up creating 2 of these for A and one for N. You know, because if one kid has their own, so should the other one.

DIY ChalkboardDIY Chalkboard

I made the diy chalkboard out of scrap lumber so that was a big plus in the redecorating budget...budget, what budget? This project can easily be done in a weekend {allowing for drying time} or even during nap time {although if your kid's are taking naps, so should you}.  Any who, on with the project.

First step is figure out what size you want. I ended up with 18.5" x 34.5" including the frame. Mostly because I had a piece of Lauan that could be cut in half and end close to the rough size I wanted. Woot, score! After cutting it was time for paint. I skipped the primer {okay use it if you have it, but not a huge deal} and went straight to the chalkboard paint. I had remains of a can from both A's room and N's room. Another Win! I would suggest that if you are going out and buying it to get the spray version. Easier to add more coats and less mess with cleaning the brushes. Rustoleum worked amazing for me and you can find out more about the spray version here. DIY Chalkboard - chalkboard

Next was the frame. Again hubby came to my rescue with the framing boards. I used scrap wood, any project that uses up scrap wood is fabulous, and the hubby managed to trim and route the grooves for me while I made dinner, on a weekend people {note: hubby is up at 2am to go to work + gets home after 3pm}!! I am so lucky.

I stained the frame boards with Minwax gel stain in Chestnut...another leftover from a possible project we nixed. Again, winning! After that dried I went over with spray varnish in satin...I love spray varnish.

Diy Chalkboard - frame stained chestnut

When it was set and dried I slapped the frame pieces on the chalkboard for a dry fit, then took them off piece by piece, applied glue and put the pieces back on. I did end up clamping the long sides so I would have a snug fit.

DIY Chalkboard - glueing together

After the glue had set maybe 15 minutes...basically enough time to go over the pictures I took...I flipped them over and put an alligator in the center of the back.

DIY Chalkboard - alligator

The hardest part was getting the little buggers at the same level. I have the worst time getting things the same height...and hanging towel bars, go figure.

DIY Chlakboard - the hanging

BAM! DIY Chalkboard...all framed up and hung. You can easily make your own with a 2x4 panel of 1/4", some 1"x2"-8', chalkboard paint, stain and varnish...or however else you would love to finish your DIY Chalkboard, like chalk paint or even spray paint.

DIY Chalkboard - N "du, du, du!"