Use a Diffuser to Diffuse the Situation

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So I am crunchy, right? {Crunchy = a green person, likes to use little to no chemicals.} One of the ways I express my "crunchy"ness is through essential oils. I love them. I love diffusing them. I love my diffuser.

I searched high and low for a diffuser. I found the perfect one...and I couldn't afford it. Okay, okay, I was too impatient to save up money for it. So I settled. Or I thought I settled on a MOQOKI 300ML essential oil diffuser off Amazon {not an affiliate, just love them}. It was affordable...almost $20 less than the one I thought I wanted.  So my gift card would pay for it, YAY!

Like I said I got MOQOKI off Amazon. I wanted something natural looking, and the wood grain pattern fit that perfectly. I was a little concerned it would look kind of plastic like, but it really doesn't. It has a timer and light feature AND it is BPA free! My MOQOKI is so quiet! I can fill it up at bedtime and the lights and smells completely relax me.

What my MOQOKI looks like...

My MOQOKI diffuser came with instructions and measuring cup.

The MOQOKI diffuser came with instructions {it can be cleaned} and a measuring tool.

MOQOKI diffuser top and bottom.

Takes some time to get used to taking the top off, but once you!

MOQOKI diffuser comes with 3 timer settings and constant on with auto shut off...yay!

I love the timer feature! I usually set it to "On" because the auto shut off and it will last a good 8+ hours with the close to max setting.

Diffuser Combinations

Now before you use any combination, please, please check to make sure you don't have a reaction to it. I have noticed that I can apply some oils topically and have no problems, but once I start diffusing them I start having weird sensations. Not good people!

When I first started I used NOW essential oils. I started having second thoughts about them. I then did some digging into Young's Living and DoTerra, I liked the idea of selling something I am passionate about but they left me wanting.  You use whatever oil YOU prefer, but I love my Rocky Mountain Oils!  They go above and beyond in their processing.  I also love that you can actually check the test results of the oils you purchased. If you are a die-hard Young's Living or DoTerra fan please check out the Compare Our Blends page.

I still have my NOW oils. And the cheapo in me just can't throw them away, so as I use them up I am replacing them with Rocky Mountain Oils!

So some of my go to essential oil combos are...

When my sinuses are in an uproar...

Nothing helps you breath easier like peppermint oil!

...when the house just smells yucky...

Diffuser - Grapferuit + Lemon make a home smell super clean!

...when we need to calm the situation down or just relax...

Diffuser - this Lavender is one of the best out there, very multipurpose!

...when you are super sick...

My sinus + cold buster; Tea Tree, Lemon, Oregano, + Peppermint oils!!

...essential oils are just so amazing and I love using them in my diffuser!!

What are your favorite oils to diffuse?