Detox Baths

Mommy took a bath.

Because mommy really needed it. And I don’t mean because mommy stinks, alright.

Mommy is feeling like she needs a really good detox. Okay. And since mommy has no clue on where to start she did the easiest one possible. Because mommy is broke. She took a detox bath.

All tired, sarcastic humor aside, I feel like my brain cannot process all the stuff I have discovered the last few days.

  1. Apparently there is a thing as a “whole food” multivitamin. And I am not using one.

  2. The endocrine system is the bomb [I would use another word here but I am not like that].

  3. It is really hard to figure out, exactly, which part of your endocrine system is the problem when they are all acting like screen-junkie children [read as mine before they lost the screens last Sunday].

  4. That my brain cannot fathom where to start and what with!

That is just the condensed list. That isn’t including all the little things like about what wording means synthetic? Or you can have low progesterone because you lack progesterone, you have way too much estrogen, or your thyroid isn’t working the right way and messing with your hormones [eyes get bigger as I type]. Or your hormones could be messed because thyroid doesn’t know what it is doing because the pituitary has blown a flat.

Sorry for that last sentence. Frustrated.

It is just so frustrating for someone who has not much of a clue how she got there. And wants a straight answer. With a system that sounds like it is just a vicious cycle. It does not help that I have never been one that likes to mask the problem. I want to get down to the core of the issue and start there.

Should I try and fix my hormones first? Or the thyroid? Because it sounds like if your thyroid is jacked up it is fooling around with your hormones.

Should I try and start looking into something more for my adrenals? Because it sounds like they being crazy too?

I had. Have no clue as to where to start so until I can google further. I started detox baths. After the first one I felt horrid. Simply horrid. 2 cups of Epsom salts. Made it to 30 minutes. Barely got out of the tub.

After the second, I didn’t get sick. Made it 37 minutes. I was better prepared with hot water in spaghetti pot to make sure the water would stay warm longer. The only difference was that I had baking soda AND epsom salts.

Detox Bath…left is from the beginning. The right is from the end. The water looks disgusting!