A group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood) or a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc.

This is basically a rant post from a Facebook conversation I partook of this morning. I made one comment about a tax hike in a town where I normally shop from and now I feel like I got jumped on. First off my community does not have a grocery, the closest one is 20 minutes and is a nice little grocery store but if you have food allergies your our of luck. I then drive out of my community to a town I am familiar with that HAS a much nicer selection of food options for my family. Well this morning someone asked when a tax hike was going to take effect. My thought was great, money is already tight and now I get to shell out more money for items. So I made one little comment about shopping in another town that is closer and will have the similar tax rate. Well I then got told that I have been shopping in the wrong community for the last 8 years. My community consists of farmers and rural families. The closest town only has bars. What am I supposed to do go totally self sufficient??? Grow my own food {which I try}, raise cattle {which I can't, too much metal in my soil}, and grow barley flour??? Obviously I would love to be able to do all those things but we do not live in a perfect world! Well I have just been given the go ahead to shop small elsewhere.

I was involved in the group originally because it was supposed to include the town {as well as several other towns in the area} that our mail is delivered through. That should make it my community, correct? According to the definition above, yes! I also loved that they were try to make the area I shopped in 95% of time better. Group of people with the same interest? Bingo!  I wonder if it doesn't help that I don't PAY to be apart of them? I'm sorry I'm a home based business that lives almost 45 minutes out there area where they hold all there events. Then I would have to find a storefront that 1) has room, 2) is welcoming, and 3) actually fits into my customer base.

I guess I have some serious thinking to do about whether or not I want be involved in some alien community!