Cold & Fumes

Nothing destroys motivation like cold weather and fumes.

The cold and fumes are tipping the scales in favor of snuggling in a warm blanket and drinking hot tea for the rest of the day. The end of my project is sooo close. The lacy beast is sitting in my kitchen with 1 coat of varnish and waiting for 2 more. I am excited to have it finished but I think some rethinking is in order {Update: Yay, it's finished! Check it out The Lacy}.

I had planned {love that word, I could do a whole post of the word planned} on finishing one room at a time with no set deadline. Or at least focusing on one room at a time until completed. However here I sit on the couch by the wood stove, which is making the farmhouse somewhat warm, rethinking that. My head and stomach are bemoaning the work going on.

The cold is preventing me from working in the garage or even running back and forth from house to garage. It is a whopping 3º F with a real feel of -20ºF. At those temps a window cracked is a no. Even using low VOC I start to suffer without a open window. So here I sit drinking hot tea near my wood stove, thinking of ways to warm up our garage or the room in the barn. How do you keep your workshop warm?

wood stove fights off the cold