Catch Up

Being honest I have been avoiding this. I haven't been on here since February. Oy! 

It has been crazy!

Things we have accomplished:

  • Finished and sold our first flip house.
  • Mother in laws deck
  • Stay-cation

Exciting things:

  • Our internet cable got hit by lightning and fried multiple things. On July 13th.
  • DeeDee got pregnant! And had 3 gorgeous girls on July 19th.
  • I decided it was past time to clean the big barn. It was definitely full.

Flip House - 

I can't believe we actually finished a house in less than 9 months! I mean it has been 12+ years and the farmhouse still isn't finished. It looked fabulous and sold for $15,000 more than we originally thought. Woo-whoo!

Mother in Law's Deck -

Well - it was interesting. It looks gorgeous. 2 levels! New railing and patio furniture. But that is how DeeDee ended up pregnant. See DeeDee puppies below.


Stay-cation -

Hubby said he couldn't wait for October and he needed a break. So we had a stay-cation. Which worked out better for the dogs. And a lot cheaper. We went to Starved Rock, Matthiessen, mini-putting, saw Incredibles 2, went bowling, and out a lot!

Lightning Struck - 

On July 13th I am half passed out on the couch and I hear a sonic boom and go deaf for 15 minutes. Lightning struck our underground cable for the internet. It exploded out of the ground, blew apart the plug in, gave us a smoke show in the living room, and tripped a quarter of the breakers. It ended up killing our router, dish hopper, a television, toaster, Sony surround system, the well pump, and 2 circuit boards on the refrigerator. Whew! So far everything is fixed except for the refrigerator because the parts are backordered until September 1st.






DeeDee's Puppies - 

I learned a valuable lesson. Don't leave a female in heat with someone who wants grand-puppies. July 19th brought us 3 adorable girls. And it has been a roller coaster since the labor started!

Barn Cleaning -

After having family out in June I was half embarrassed half disgusted. The front of the barn was packed full of "good Stuff" and the back half was full of garbage. I decided if I at least got it cleaned, it would be nice to sit in there and dream.