Catch Up

Some days I feel like I can never catch up to what is falling behind. Things like house work, kids, dogs, medical bills and all the other things I feel I should be doing get left in the dust of parent hood. I have had plans, good intentions and post topics that I have wanted to share with you for over 2 months, but life happened. To get you up to date, my last post was October 5th! Since then our family has lost another dear family member in which we helped clean up his house, garage and 3 storage units...WHEW! We did not bear all the grunt of it, my Great-Uncle & Great-Aunt had most of the work, but family helped a great deal and we all managed to get the house & units cleaned out and they had the house sold in less than a month!! Amazing, I know.

Then we spent the end of October traveling to visit my grandma in Myrtle Beach, SC. We got there and back safely which is a miracle. Our spirits were dampened just a little when we got there and saw that she had thrown her back out and could not come with us for mini-put and beach play.

November was a blur between unpacking, cleaning my Great-Uncle's house and sickness. I honestly do not remember much beyond the fact that my daughter helped me make her birthday cake and spending Thanksgiving at my Grandma's farm. That and my mom's flooring fiasco (don't ask).

I was hoping December would be calmer, haha. In the first 7 days of the month I spent 6 of them 2 hours away from home. Also in that first week I found out that I was sent to collections on one of the medical bills (despite repeated payments or notice) and another family member was going to be dealing with their own problem (not going into details).  I had my first snow experience in the new Jeep...OMGosh, not fun. Really wishing I had stuck my ground on 4-wheel drive....

Since money is so tight compared to the beginning of the year Christmas present giving is almost non-existent, which depresses me. I love trying to find the perfect gift for my loved ones. It is really hard to not be able to give the kids what they want, but thankfully they had very small wishlists this year. I spent about $200 on them which sounds like a lot but when you look at the presents, it's not. The few gifts I am giving to other family members are extremely creative and cost next to nothing (which I will share after Xmas).

I certainly pray that your year is better than ours!

I also want to drop a note that I did start a Go Fund Me for my medical expenses. As of now the big one ($147,000) may be being contested by the hospital. Please check it out, share, donate whatever you can do to help...Tami's Mini-Vaca in the Hosptial