Car Searching...

So since our Tempo died this week, we have been trying find a replacement vehicle. At first we looked for something for him. A car with under 100,000 miles, around $5,000 and reliable. Then the thought of my 2008 Taurus having 134,000 miles on her and the 1997 dodge truck has been iffy for awhile, made us think maybe something bigger or at least taller. We realized pretty quickly that a car for my hubby to drive was out. That meant something for me. After some searching we realized that we would be paying the same amount a month for a brand new SUV/crossover as we would one a couple years old. Which I find disgusting.

We tried a 2009 Dodge Journey with almost 85,000 miles on it. I liked the storage space {in seats, under seats, etc.} and the fact I could sit between the kids car seats in the back. The bad things were that the blind spots were annoying, it drove rough, the tires were worn weird and it kept pulling to one side. Then after driving this one and waiting to see how much it would cost us, my mom texted me about a Jeep {she thought Patriot but was a Liberty} that she drove past. Now I am going to tell you straight, I love Jeeps! I have some awesome memories in a soft top CJ7 from the 70's. That and the Commander we drove to our wedding reception. So I am automatically going to the dealers page to see the info for it.

We ended up walking away from the Dodge Journey, it had way to many minuses and the payment was more than we were willing to spend on it.

We went to look at the Jeep Patriot I saw for $11,000 the next day. It ended being at there other location, bummer. So we looked at the Jeep that my mom did see. It was Jeep Liberty for $16,000. The front seat was awesome, back seat okay, and storage area horrible! We have 3 dogs {2 large} and I do wedding flowers! There just was not as much room as we would have liked.

So I asked the dealer what the differences were between the Patriot that was $11,000 & a brand new one. Since it was more cosmetic than tech & specs, we decided to look at a new one. We even squeezed our butts into the way back to see if the dogs would fit success! It was gorgeous! I am gonna tell you my requirements in a car; automatic transmission, Air Conditioning, a CD player,  at least FWD and good gas mileage. For a small SUV the Patriot {in my opinion} is pretty close to the top. We found out how much it would cost {at my Hubby's insistence, I figured it was pretty much not an option} and I had some sticker shock. Not that I did not expect it to be expensive, it is just when you see it written it is more mind boggling.

We decided that what we needed was a Patriot and as much as love the 2014, to try and look at a 2011 that was closer to home. It road ruff and had some chips along the edge of the doors that concerned me. We checked on the price anyway. Guess what, it turned out to be $15 more for the same time length or $40 cheaper for less time. We left. Disappointed & disgusted. In a total quandary as what we should do.

In between the first Patriot, 2014, and the second, 2011, the Taurus did something she never has done before. She hesitated, quite a bit, at a stoplight. Right before that we were both thinking just by the Hubby a junker. Guess not! My hubby listed a bunch of reasons,not serious ones, as to why it could have done that, but the whole time we were both looking at the dash like "NOOOOOO!"

I got a text from the dealer we talked with about the 2014 Patriot, apparently a 2011/2012 Patriot Latitude{fancier but more popular} would cost more than the 2014 Patriot, because of the $2,000 cash rebate. Granted it is a Sport, but we did not want a Latitude anyway. That and finding a Patriot that fit our needs without driving 3+ hours if we were lucky was pretty much not a option/nonexistent.

So there we sat, on our way home, thinking what the he!! do we do... be continued...