Y'all I have been sooo silly.

Seriously, for years. As smart and handy as I am I have been stupid. I have been ruining brushes for varnishing projects or using sponge brushes for the last 7 years {ugh maybe more}  just because I never read the label right. Although I swear they changed the wording.


...I have been cleaning them all wrong. I knew that you could use mineral spirits to clean your brush after using a oil based stain or polyurethane. I would, but the brush would always harden up on me and after a couple of uses it would be garbage. No matter how good the quality or how much I spent on it. I resorted to just soaking them in gasoline like my grandparents did. After awhile that just didn't work either so I just converted to sponge brushes.

A couple months ago I decided to try again. I bought two Bestt Liebco Master brushes; one for oil based stains and one for oil based clears. I had bought one about a year ago and it seemed okay but it gummed up as well. For some reason when I read the packaging this go around though some thing clicked...

Brushes, care

Notice the last four words of the first paragraph, "...use mineral spirits first." I am not sure at all why I did not get that sooo many years ago. I mean I cleaned the brushes up with that. I swear they did not have the word "first" there before. Let me tell you I always enjoyed staining and varnishing before, but it is even more enjoyable knowing to prep the brush in mineral spirits BEFORE I use it. On a side note these brushes are awesome and love them, we shall how they hold up.