Brake, Brake...BRAKE!

Why is it winter must mean we need to work on stopping? As I write this we are working on our beloved 97' Dodge Ram's brakes. We keep this baby because out in the country you need a good solid truck with awesome 4 wheel drive.image

The irony of this situation is not that this is the second January in a row where we have had to work on one of our vehicles brakes. The irony is that the pneumatic drill (we bought for this sort of thing) and the big jack are at home. Meaning we are working on the truck in a big building heated by a Protemp 175,000 BTU heater which is about 40 minutes round trip from home.


This is what our kids did while we are furiously working to un-sieze the brakes. Luckily we had one thing going for us, the Chilton manual for repairing it was in the truck!

After all is said and done, ultimate irony...the brakes were fine. Not sure if the brake fluid was low or what. In the words of my grandpa..."such is life."