Bra Shopping: ThirdLove

MEN: if you feel uncomfortable about the subjects of bras leave now.

Okay ladies, I have been on the bra hunt for over a month now.  The night before Thanksgiving I broke down and went to ThirdLove's website. I am going to get this fact out here now. I am not affiliated with ThirdLove nor is this post sponsored. I just wanted to relay my experiences with them.

First, a little backstory. Most of my life with my "girls" I have been wearing a 34dd. I have mentioned before that I have had 2 surgeries involving my chest being cracked open and have an ICD/AICD. This makes bra fitting interesting. Having a honking device in your left breast can make bras uncomfortable.

I am very familiar with bra measuring and sizing. I am also very aware of how most bra manufacturers do not make their bras to standard measuring. Assinine. I repeat I have been up until the last year a 34dd. I measured as a 34dd. But the only bra that ever fit well consistently was Victoria Secrets The Body Bra in demi and recently the perfect coverage. Well, I have put on a little hormonal weight and have been experiencing the girls fluctuating in size thru out the month. Annoying! One day my stretched out bra works and the next its overflowing.

ThirdLove 24/7 Class T-Shirt Bra

ThirdLove 24/7 Class T-Shirt Bra

I had been hearing rave reviews about ThirdLove so I thought why not. I went to the website and did there fit test. Now I think it would have been more accurate if my bras were not 2 years old and mostly stretched out. They said 34dd...well okay. I had not measured myself in a long while otherwise, I would have laughingly said hell no.

My bra came in about a week and not 5 seconds after I start putting it on I know it is not going to work. Blah. So I start the exchange process. Problem? Both the girls are overflowing. They suggest a 34f. Sounds about right. I barely got the 34dd mailed back before the 30-day deadline. Whew! At this point I decided to measure myself and it says 34f. Okay, so maybe we are good.

The next bra, 34f, came the day after Xmas. Yay. I go and try that bra on. Guess what? It does not fit! Really growling now. Now just a little bit of the left side is popping out. I pack it back up and start the exchange. I am totally frustrated at this point. I start checking bra manufacturers and a majority say what I am getting would be their size. I also come across a way of measuring that I had never come across before. That resulted in a 34g. WOW!

This is when the customer service ThirdLove goes on about. The day after I start the 2nd exchange, I get an email from one of their associates. Asking if a different style bra in a 34g would be acceptable. After a couple back and forth emails, I decided to go for it.

ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Contour Plunge bra

ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Contour Plunge bra

They sent me a 24/7 Classic Contour bra in "twilight". It was very pretty. Although, not necessarily a color I would normally choose. But at this point I was not too concerned about color.

The reason I thought it would be awesome is because it has slightly lined cups, but they also had removable inserts. Yay! Technically, this should solve the whole fluctuating bra size.

I anxiously waited for its arrival. It came! I was so pumped. Finally, this would be a bra that would work!

I opened that sucker know after working all day at the flip house anything can make you excited. Honestly, when you do not normally get something so frivolous, it is exciting. Yah, I know, a new bra is frivolous for me.  Sad. Anywho. Got the box open. Put the bra on. And...blah. It did not work. The bra straps dug into the front of my shoulders. And the left cup was a smidgeon big. The right cup was drowning. And once I pulled the insert out of the left cup, both sides were too big. I about cried. I carefully put it back in its box and then walked around for a week. Mentally making it fit my body. Silly me.

I have to say though. ThirdLove has been extremely awesome through it all. I went online and started the return and no weird questions asked...well, beyond what did not work about it. So all you mostly normal women (have not been cracked open and multiple surgeries that cause you to have badly rolled forward shoulders) I would definitely go try them out. Both bras were super comfortable. And honestly, not much more price wise than Victoria Secrets when you wear larger than a dd cup.