Blue Funk

Sometimes you get in a blue funk and it lasts and lasts. I have been that way for about 2 months, ever since I realized my emergency hospital visit was at a hospital that is out of network...yuck. Not only is the bill outrageous but this knocks out most chances of getting our addition done in the next few years or even the house finished in the next year! I am trying to stay positive but when all your ideas were scaled back from a car dying and then feel like your dreams are totally dashed when you get the hospital bill, it is kind of hard.

Well I am happy to say I am finally on the up about the situation and working on getting small projects done and hopefully somethings accomplished by the end of the year. I have ditched my new year's resolution of getting house finished and will be happy if I get just a couple major projects and a few small projects done.

I was working on getting the kitchen floor refinished, that meant scraping tar paper and old cracked finish off, sanded, and varnished. I had the hall section of the kitchen scraped up and we were getting a new puppy (and accidents that come with), so I put 3 coats of floor varnish on it!! The rest of it is going to have to wait until next year. (Side note: we put Duffy to sleep in July, he was in pain and stopped taking treats.) The floor looks amazing and I cannot wait to get the rest done!

The big projects I want done this year are the chicken house and the wood stove. I am usually torn each week which project I want the hubby to work on the chicken area or the or warmth people!  All we had for the Chicken house was the 6x8 platform we had started last winter. It was hard working one handed and nothing above the shoulder but we have the main structure almost finished (needs door made and windows cut out) and started fencing the area in last week. On the wood stove I can be nothing but thrilled!! Last winter in the frigid -40 degree excluding wind chill weather we had I had to look at the disconnected wood stove sitting in my living room. Did I mention I had more than 3 layers on (3 pairs of socks, people) and a blanket and I was still cold in my living room? To make things easier, and possible for the stove to get in this year, we decided to move the stove off the stone wall, read frown-y face. So far we have started on the pipe and are diy-ing a hearth pad. I know that does not sound like a lot but it is.

My small projects include...

Wood picture ledges for the master bedroom

Finishing our diy-ed TV will love!

Finishing trim and painting in N's room

Some work on master bedroom...drywall, trim, & paint

...there are definitely more projects I would love to get done, but this way I will be ecstatic if I get more than that done!