Bead Board & Caulk

So this whole resolution to get the house finished this year started with the bathroom. The old house has been gutted to bare studs except for the kitchen and all the rooms are usable with varying percentages of being done. The bathroom had the least amount of work so we started there.Now let's get this straight, I am the designer and the finisher(trim, paint, etc.) and my hubby is the muscle, tool talent, and construction worker. So most of the rest of the work will be done by me, with the hubby helping to do any fancy cut work. Today I was finishing up the painting of the bead board and caulk. Caulk can be tricky, luckily enough for me I am actually pretty good at it. But sometimes you just get into a spot that is a pain in the a$$. Like this spot.. image

See that little crack? It is in a space of about 3 inches between the shower/tub area(left side) and the bathroom vanity(right side). Pain. In. The. Butt. So this is how I fix this problem... image

Time for some finger work...and really slowly caulk the crack out of that crack. Here is a sneak peek of the bead board. After it's all done I will post a before and after. image image

The second picture you can see some of the stairs(on the left by the gate) which is being worked on at the same time.

Lesson Learned: Caulk, paint, stain, etc any area before making it horribly inconvenient.