Bathroom Sweet

I have been working on some fabulously beautiful stuff for a friend's bathroom and I can't wait to share it with you! This is a 2 piece project, to make her bathroom much sweeter.


For the wall piece we dressed up the idea of a shelf by giving custom corbels and some curving lines.

And the base's main attraction is some curvy leg action!

Shelf Construction...

The top was very simple. All it took was a couple of 1x's in varying sizes and simple tools. Jigsaw, Kreg Jig, glue, and clamp.

Base Construction...

This was a little more interesting.  Definitely not the first thing I would suggest for someone to build. The base is constructed of 1xs, 2xs, and ACX handi-panels. Tools involved were table saw, jig saw, kreg jig, clamps, and glue. We ended having to cut the one leg 4 times; lost one to an accident and the other 2 had flaws that showed after cutting it. After much griping, we got the legs done! Hallelujah, and pass the chocolate! Then It was put together time. After getting both sides made we attached a panel to the top {1/2"} and the bottom shelf {3/4"}.  Next came the middle shelf. Then top piece where the drawers would go. Last was the top piece which happened to be a true 1" x 16" piece of aspen. If you are staining I suggest a nicer piece of wood for the top since aspen does not like to be stained.

The Finishing...

This. This is where it got fun. Obviously, everything got a good sanding. Originally, I started off with a sloppy base of stain. Then about 3 coats of paint. Then I proceeded to say some not so nice words. And then the sander came back out. Apparently, the paint wanted to act like a stain. SO not good. Thankfully, I hadn't started the finishing process on the base. In fact, Hubby was still working on the base while I was doing that whole waste of time thing.

After removing all that craziness off, I started again. I ended up using 2 coats of primer and 4 coats of paint...gack. Between each coat of paint I sanded all surfaces ensuring a smooth finish. After all the paint, I sanded down to the bare wood in certain places. Then I took a gel stain and wiped over the raw wood. All surfaces were hit with either spray on or regular oil based polyurethane. I used spray for the upside down bits and inside the drawers. Brush for all the other level surfaces.

Then we added the hardware. A special order from our local hardware store. In a gorgeous brushed nickle. The handles are just so pretty with the color.


bathroom furniture - all finished
bathroom furniture - all finished