Bath Fan Fab

You know when you have those moments when you're a mom and your hiding in the bathroom? Well, I had one of those moments recently. Looking up at the ceiling and thinking "oh God?" ...I actually just had one of those moments in the kitchen...anyway. I am sitting on the closed toilet seat thinking when is the hubby going to be home and how much chocolate do I have in the house. Then my thought process connected to my eyeballs and actually saw my bathroom fan. Yuck! Let's just say that it is probably the most forgotten item to clean in our bathroom.

Not only was our bathroom fan dirty, it was ugly. Picture this....

Yep, a completely serviceable and basic fan. BORING! When you're a mom you have ideas what feels like decades ago and then BOOM! You are reminded of them and not only do you remember the cool thing you wanted to try, you actually have the tools and materials to do it! In this case, it was "wouldn't painting the bathroom fan a color be cool?" And then "hey, I have some new spray paint I want to try!"

All I needed was a tarp, painting sheet, a bandana for my face and spray paint.  When I was working on the vintage door for the bathroom I picked a can of Rustoleum's Universal Advance Formula in Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze. [Just letting y'all now that this is not sponsored. No money or gifts were exchanged].

I was lazy. I spray painted the darn thing right on my ceiling. After a thorough vacuuming, of course. First, spread whatever you are using to protect your bathroom down. I used a tarp for the floor and toilet and a painting sheet for the sink. Since our bathroom is precociously small, I stood half-hazard on the toilet and tub wall to get my painting action done. I do NOT suggest this scenario if you have room for a ladder. After a few minutes of light spraying, the standard bath fan looked a 100x better. And I didn't manage to break a leg or anything while doing it, yay me! Can you tell I am definitely an on the fly kind of girl?

The downside to spray painting your bath fan a dark color (without taking it down) is then painting the ceiling. It took about 2 coats of primer and then 2 more coats of paint. Now if I had taller ceilings...or even the standard 8' ceilings, I would have been adventurous and painted it a dark blue like Hale Navy or black. But I don't, so I went with a gray-white.

bath fan fab.png

My little "moments" are going to be much more enjoyable knowing that when I come down to earth my bath fan looks a lot nicer.