Bad Bugs

I hate sickness...I hate feeling pain, nausea, body aches. They stop me from doing things I need and want to do.My son is suffering from a bug that is taking its toll on him.


This just a week after I fought a different bug for a week. A lot of people don't realize though how long it takes to recoup when you have heart failure. What may take a normal person a day or 2 to recover can take me weeks. This is especially hard when the bad bugs keep knocking at your door. We have had years where as soon as your over one thing it morphs into another and less than a week later your sick again. Or one person is sick each week of the month and then it starts allover with the first person. We call these plagues in our house...I think this is a plague year. We did really good until mid January with the kids getting a nasty cough. February wasn't too bad, until the hubby got sick after Valentine's day then it seemed to hit the fan...plague time! Thankfully we are having a somewhat warm day {36° right now, high of 42°} so I have windows cracked, I've sprayed lysol{I'm a organic, natural type but when we get plagues, Lysol comes out}, and have put air purifying essential oils in my humidifying kettle. Hopefully the warm spell {in the 50's next week} will mean plenty of fresh air coming into the house next week! Maybe I will pick the warmest day and sun myself on the porch and make some vitamin d.