Awesomely Skilled Sexy

I love my hubby. He is awesomely skilled sexy and I am so jealous!

He got off early today and so we took the opportunity to work on one of the 6 Xmas projects. He started on the bigger one, while started a group of smaller ones. People may not think this but I suck at execution. I can dream up some of the coolest ideas or finishes or design pieces of furniture from a inspiration piece. Yet when I tried to actually build it the simplest things will mess me up. Seriously, I have a hard time hanging up towel bars. UGH!

My hubby managed to finish his "present", me? I managed a migraine, wasted hours, and a smidgen of work done. He tried to cheer me up, which only sort of works when your more frustrated than sad. Shaking the sawdust off I told him I was glad that he was awesomely skilled sexy and I wished I was too...he told me I was awesomely sexy and that he preferred me that way. ♥