Anxious for Outside

I am tired of cold.

Now believe me, I love snow and cold but all these weeks of highs in the single digits (if we are lucky) is getting to me! I am yearning for Spring. Or least 40°! This cold is also putting a damper on finishing the farmhouse. So many of the things that need to be finished up include some sort of fume; paint, stain, varnish. Not to mention the outside finish list.

The outside list is not very long, but each job is time consuming when it is just one woman and her occasional hubby. Heck, all jobs are time consuming when it is two people and kids!

Here is what NEEDS to be done on the outside:

1. House. It needs to have the fiber cement siding finished. Then we need to paint it; walls, accent & trim!

House{You can see I did get a start on it last summer.} image

2. Hatch door. We have one of those old type of "walk out" basements. The outer door supplies have been sitting on our deck waiting to be done going on 2 years. 3. Gardens. I am a garden freak, but am horrible on upkeep, so a majority of them need to have weed barrier and mulch put down. 4. Garage. Our garage, which most of the time should be labeled as workshop, needs a new roof, siding, windows and door. 5. Fenced yard. We have an area fenced that we call the "backyard" where the dogs go out, but we really want/almost need the whole 2+ acres fenced for the kids and the lab that likes to occasionally jump it and then chase cars.

I think that is about it...but I am sure all this cabin fever will have me adding projects or finishing projects (like the chicken house that is sitting in the workshop, I mean garage, right now).