Aged Girly-ness!

My A doesn't have a room conducive to a four poster or a canopy bed so we improvised.This piece is completely made of scrap wood in my garage. I used 2 of the bummy legs from the Bathroom Sweet, a 1x4 scrap, 1x6 scrap, 1x10 scrap and miscellaneous screws.


I started by attaching the scrolly pieces to a 1x4 with pocket jig and 2 inch screws.


I then screwed my 1x10 onto the scroll pieces and the 1x4. I used the pocket jig to then attach the 1x6 that had been stripped down to 4 inches to the 1x10. {This could be backwards but it worked.} After connecting the 2 boards I finished attaching the 1x6 {remember it's stripped to 4 inches} to the scroll sides. It looks something like this...



Then I sanded it all down with 80 grit and my orbital sander and gave it a sloppy coat of Kona.

image {As much as I dislike the look of my cheap linoleum floor, it is awesome about the abuse it gets. It also protects a gorgeous wood floor that I am working on refinishing.} After the stain dried for a bit {dry in 15 minutes, stain in an hour} I slathered on a coat of flat ceiling paint. image

It is definitely white...not a blue tone.

After it dried, I sanded...remember to not sand off too much. When you varnish it will look like you sanded more than you did. I think it's because everything looks darker when wet. This is what one coat of varnish on it looks like... imageAt this point this project got stalled out by 3 weeks of sickness and 2 weeks of iffy weather and poor scheduling. But I finally got it up today!! Woot Woot!!

imageIt is screwed into the wall in 3 spots

imageThe little dots are where I put the 3d finishing nails for hanging these super sheers...

image...these sheers were a super bargain that we had used in her old bedroom.

imageThe finished result is fabulous and pink!

I cannot wait to get her bed frame and headboard done!