Ace in the Hole

Since my hubby has become the family handyman for all things house related, it seems we are playing around with my sister in law's water pump. He is becoming our ace in the hole for home repair. wpid-wp-1410443540395.jpeg

I am amazed that he fit into this hole...they had been having problems with the outdoor water pump. The hubby shimmied down there to play with it for them. Not how I expected my day...I was hoping to get my driver's license back this morning (another of this year's annoyances). So while we are working on this together I am wearing my nice khaki dress pants and white dress shirt.


So apparently part of our problem was parking our car on the hose, AND lack of pressure. The electrical box seems to be faulty.


After some new parts and "fixing" some interesting electrical they have water and hubby is out!