ABC's of a Homeschooling Mom

I love my kids and I love homeschooling. Yes we homeschool...thru the good, the bad and the ugly. For some people it is an easy decision, others not so much. I was homeschooled and loved it. Sometimes it is amazing, wonderful, and beautiful. Other times it can feel like "why am I even attempting" or "no way am I good at this". Below you will find the ABC's my mom and I came up with in our exhausted, migraine filled, somewhat sleep deprived brains.

A is for Annoying...
  "why aren't they in school?"
B is for Boisterous,
in which boys always are.
C is for Catatonic,
a horrible state.
D is for Doubtful
they will live to there teens.
E is for Excuses & Eye Twitches
of which I get a lot.
F is for Fruit Loop,
not just at breakfast.
G is for God help us...
a frequent prayer.
H is for Hair Raising,
the things my children do.
I is for Irritating,
my husbands interruptions.
J is for Jubilant,
the feeling when finished.
K is for Kinesthetic,
the way my kids learn.
L is for Looney Bin,
where I may end up.
M is for Migraines,
they give me many.
N is for NO.
O is for Overwhelmed,
from looking at curriculum and finding the best.
P is for Patience,
at the end of the day I have none.
Q is for Questions,
they never end.
R is for Radical,
my family members think I am.
S is Sibling Rivalry,
need I say more.
T is for Temper Tantrums,
at least 5 a day.
U is for Uncanny
the things they pick up.
V is for Valium,
why do I run out so quick.
W is for Wasted...
time, energy & air.
X is for eXhileration,
when grandma takes them for the night.
Z is for Zzzzz...
thank God for bedtime.