A Well Planned Room

A well planned room can bring you years of happiness.

Apparently it has taken me almost 8 years to figure this out. I re-imagined my living room 3 times before coming close to what I wanted. The kitchen after 2 rounds is finally coming together. The bathroom? It was almost finished twice before getting it right.  The bathroom is not my dream bathroom but it works and is functional until the addition.

A's room is mostly finished. It has carpet, which I am not a fan of, that was put in late 2013 and because of weather and house age will hopefully be coming out by next winter. Poor planning on my side, I should have thought to fix and patch the foundation 8 1/2 years ago when it was all exposed from the inside. We have sealed it as best we can everywhere else. When the foundation patching is done we will put down something like Insulayment and hardwood flooring. {Did I mention I don't like carpet?} I wanted a dream room for A and she did not get it. She got a quicky, while N got a room that was fit for a mess...which he loves. His room works for him. A's does not.

My favorite places in the house are the ones that I actually had the time to sit and stew over. The rooms that I had time to actually think, dream, and toss out what would not work. The stairs and N's room are my favorite...although I would rather sit in the stairs than in N's messy room {eh, he's 4}.

A well planned room should not be done while pregnant {at least by me, eek some choices I made}, stressed or in a rush. Your ideas should be able to mull, change and grow.