A Toasty Situation

Right now it is 6° and snowing, its beautiful {Xmas lights are still on}. I love snow...being cold for long periods of time, not so much. Our wood burning stove keeps most of the house stay nice and toasty. Except for A's room. It can be an ice box. I always feel bad for her when its cold. image

{You can't see the snow falling, but it is.}

This year I have decided that she is no longer going to sleep in a cold bedroom! I have spent the last two days brain storming for my baby girl. I know it's not helping her nasty cold. Well I think I finally came up with a solution. {Side note : apparently hubby was kidding about ripping up her subfloor, too bad for him I didn't know that. He gets to do it now whether he wants to or not!}

At first I thought let's wait until it's warmer, then rip floor up, patch inside wall and outside wall, throw some insulation on the walls and hang some from floor beams and put the subfloor back on. One tiny problem with that, as soon as it gets warm hubby is usually gone until it's too hot and I'm busy with my floral business. Dun-dun-DUN! Blah! Then I got it into my head "why can't we do it now?" It's too cold. Double-blah!

Really wanting to do this now when I actually have a hubby. So back to the drawing board I went. It dawned on me, finally, that technically we don't have to fix the inside of the crawlspace. All we have to fix is the outside...hmmm. So I got up my favorite thing {Pinterest} and started searching up diy crawlspace insulation and whalaa! Problem solved! All we NEED is some 6ml plastic, some sort of stiff insulation, and batt insulation. WOOWHOO! Until we can get hardwood flooring we can square off her carpet to form like an area rug. That way i can save up and watch for some pretty hardwood flooring.

Now the question is do I wake up the hubby and tell him my plans now or tomorrow after a good nights rest?