A Goal...or is it a Resolution?

Goal or Resolution? Is there really a difference? It's January...a new year. So I guess it is a resolution, anyway, I am not too big about making them OR keeping them. This year will be different, I am actually making one AND I am (knock on wood, pray to God) going to keep it. So what is my resolution for this year? Finish all the silly little finishing jobs on this house. I want this house turn key by the end of the year! Why...besides the fact that it will be done. Which I am not to sure about wanting, LOVE doing diy/home remodel projects!

It's this... image

The bottom half of this picture is our existing living room and bedrooms(2). The rectangle, almost square, space (the space with the u-shape stairs) connected at the top is an addition that is somewhat needed and extremely wanted! It is a roughly 17' x 21' space that has a bigger bedroom for son (almost 4) and a much bigger bathroom. The basement would be a media room/ man cave. I would love, love, love for there to be a mostly unfinished space above that we would convert into a play area/library area for the kids. Its gonna be a barn look addition that is one and a half story like the oldest part of our house. image I know this us a very big goal...erh resolution for a first timer but that extra space is a fabulous motivator and I can not wait to get started!