2015, I would say it was about average. It wasn't the most exciting, thank God. I turned 34. Not sure if it is because of getting older that I am feeling that I am running out of time. Our house sits not finished but thankfully I didn't set a goal to finish it last year. Looking back over the last 2 new years posts, I feel like it was an epic fail. This last year we spent way too much time trying to get rid of the new car we bought and at the chiropractor for when I threw my neck out. Always something.

The last year has me realizing a lot of things. I obviously can't follow thru with a resolution...like millions of others. I am my fathers daughter, which 75% of the time is not a good thing. That money is tight and will be that way unless something changes.

Instead of setting goals or resolutions, this year I am going to try and make changes. Instead of trying to finish rooms, I am going to try and finish projects, yes projects! I am going to try and be more like my mother. I want to end this year in a better financial situation the last couple of years. Pretty Simple, huh?

First, it has become very apparent of my intolerance to voc fumes. Even with ventilation {i.e. open windows} I end up with a migraine. This year I will not be as busy in other areas so I can plan my staining and varnishing projects for outside or in the barn. Usually the periods that are perfect for finishing were also my busiest times. I am also going to explore non-voc stain and varnish options.

Secondly, I know most women would never want to hear they have become there mother but it would help me immensely if I was more like my mother. I am going to try and read one book a month that I know my mother has read and helped her as well as trying to read my Bible more. I know this will require early mornings since it is the quietest part of my day {not a morning person} and earlier bed times. The first book I am reading is The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.

Third, bring in more money and budget, budget, budget! The hubs already works 3 jobs, yes 3 jobs. He has been known to work 7 days a week. Four of them before sun up and after the sun goes down. The other three days from 3 am until 4pm. Sometimes this has caused a great strain on our relationship, but it helps that 2 of the 3 jobs we can go pester him. I had thought about making and selling furniture. After a certain desk project {blog post soon} I realized that my hubby has the building skills not me. I have the visualizing and finishing skill. We are still considering this, but as a joint effort, not a me effort. This is one the pieces we are working on now, it is a piece I designed from a photo off Pinterest.


I am also looking into becoming Medical Transcriptionist. It is the sort of thing I would like and can be done from home. There is a course through Career Step promoted by Dave Ramsey. He is very picky about who he supports so I am sure it is nothing scam like. Down side, the $3000 price tag. Which we do not have at this moment or the option to do payment plan. This may be in my future sooner than later, possibly after a bathroom remodel that the hubs will be doing with me assisting.

Any who, here is to the new year. May it bring perseverance, a change of character, and new and perfected skills to a better life.