2014 Goal Review

Almost a whole year back, one of my first posts was A Goal....or is it a Resolution? I wrote about my goals for this year. Well I have to say it flopped royally! Yes I managed to get things done, woowhoo, but not what I wanted to accomplish. My house still sits unfinished. No addition for us in the next year. wpid-wp-1389669678427.jpg

We had a lot of setbacks like a new car & new ICD {please check out my Go Fund Me link to the left}, projects have come to pretty much a stand still. I did manage to get some things done this year. We have officially finished the bathroom (no reveal yet) and wood stove installed.


We also managed to get 95% of the stairs, chicken coop and run,  and N's room finished. Other little things got finished like the stone wall and book shelf/tv stand. I also refinished part of the wood floor in the kitchen.

I am going to be much more realistic about this year's goals...

N's room finished - N needs paint touched up, window trim, the ceiling sealed, and his loft bed stained and varnished.

Finish Stairs - I just feel ridiculous that the stairs did not get finished this year. It's to do list consists of sanding the stain off that did not dry right, then finishing them and some trim work.

Living Room - I really really want to get the living room finished. Thankfully there is not a lot on the living room to do list, mostly trim work.

It sucks that most of that most of the jobs that need to be finished includes fumes. I feel like I am stuck in the middle of the movie Money Pit, Are We Done Yet?, and Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.