10 Tips for the DIY'er

This is just some wisdom for you DIY'ers. Some of this was learned the hard way and the others not so hard.

1. Always make sure power is off. Even if you are working on the box, flip that main switch OFF. You do not want to get zapped by 220.

2. If you are doing any sort of ceiling work with drywall, plywood, etc if you do not want to have a scaffold make a 2x4 T. Remembering to make sure the "T" is somewhat snug to ceiling. You do not want it hitting your head. Even if it saves the patio door. Hubby did this to me.

3. When buying screws, make sure you have the right type of bit {square or Phillips} AND the right size bit {square #2 or #3}.

4. Always, always, always measure twice. It is easier to shorten a board than lengthen it.

5. When nailing a board do not nail straight down the center. Make triangles {2 along short end, 1 towards middle of board} at the ends and then hammer nails in a zigzag pattern to connect them. Note: my hubby actually did this his first time.

6. If you can use screws, use screws. They make things more secure AND are easier to remove if you mess up.

7. Always buy more than you think you will need. It is easier to return than it is to get more mid project.

8. Old houses are not square, learn to live with it...they are generally not level either.

9. Not all women are capable of redecorating while pregnant. Questionable decisions may be made. Myself included.

10. Always watch where you are stepping. Especially when redoing your roof, you may step thru the drywall into kitchen.

Always expect the unexpected in an old house. For example; large holes in the exterior side of your house hidden by plaster and lath, smashed beer cans blocking holes in the wall, clay tile in between your studs in the wall...


Good times.