Why I Switched to Squarespace


...and boy was it fun. And nerve wracking! And worth it!

Back story...well obviously I haven't been on here much...yeah the last post was from September.  Bad Tami. Okay I have a few reasons, ergh...excuses.


Why I've Been Missing...

First...we were crazy busy with my in laws house.  They are basically getting a complete overhaul and what started out as the first floor and 2 bedrooms + bathroom in the basement has turned into all but 2 small areas. Now this may seem like a small thing but they have a huge open concept living area, large laundry room/1/2 bath, 2 more bathrooms and 8, yes 8, bedrooms. Believe me when I say it will look fabulous when it is done. But this isn't leaving me much time to share the progress with y'all. Well actually if you click over to Instagram {cute lil bird up in the menu} and search #mchouse you will find tons, well not tons, of pictures of their house.

Second...for some odd ball reason no matter what I did my pictures were coming up cuckoo. Half my images in a blog post were making my neck hurt trying to see them properly. Not good. After searching all over Wordpress help and google and all I found out was that other people were having the same problem and the only suggestion was to manually remove images and try again (which apparently didn't always work) or add a plug in. That didn't prove much help either. Believe me, manually going through all the images and rotating them without a guarantee of it working wasn't thrilling.

Between not being thrilled about rotating gobs of pictures which may in end be futile and being crazy busy, it just wasn't working. I did not have the time to play around with a website that wasn't working for me. I was tired of plug ins, problems, and a cluttered dashboard.

Why I Switched...

Backstory;  I used to be a wedding florist. With a blog on Squarespace. Originally it was thru wordpress.com, but I transferred it to Squarespace. I loved it. It was easy to use. It was clean. It was an all in one.

When I decided to try and take Old Country Love to the next level (it was a Wordpress freebie originally), I had a tough decision. "Easy" and switch to a paid Wordpress. Or switch to Squarespace. I am going to be honest. My main reason for choosing Wordpress was the price. It worked out to be about $50 cheaper (no fancy theme, no paid plugins) than Squarespace. Second reason was Wordpress had a good app. I could easily blog from my phone. I made that jump in January last year, by the time May came around I was kind of missing the ease of Squarespace. But I was content. Wordpress was working. By the time August came I noticed I was having problems. My pictures weren't showing up right no matter what I did. And it wasn't just new posts, I had older posts that the pictures were good before and all of a sudden had rotated on me. Talk about frustrating! And it didn't matter if it was computer/laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Another honest moment, I like being truthful, I really was so exhausted from keeping up with my daily life (homeschooling + housework) and remodeling (i.e. "creating content") that I really didn't care that my site was not "working". Even after I put a lot of work into making it look nice.

Choosing Squarespace...

I know there are a lot of options out there; Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, etc. Everywhere I turned to though the most popular were Wordpress and Squarespace. Well I had Wordpress (with Bluehost hosting + domain) and wasn't exactly thrilled. I really liked the idea of something simple and all in one.

Squarespace is...

  • an all in one - you can get your domain, hosting, and site built through them
  • plug-in free! You don't need a plug-in to do the simplest of things
  • easier to customize - depending on which theme you choose your options are pretty open and the "click and drop" is kind of awesome
  • safer - I am not saying Squarespace is hack proof but it seems to be way more secure than Wordpress, and since I keep getting weird attacks this is good

So far I am loving Squarespace...which I kind of new I would.