The Refrigerator is In!


Well, we finally gave up the ghost on the old fridge. After 11 years of hard service, we retired her about 2 weeks ago. And I don't think the poor girl would have made it much longer.

One of Hubby's jobs involves a payout at the end of the year. And this year we decided some of it needed to go to a new refrigerator. In The Ticking Fridge, I talked about what was going on with our refrigerator and what I was looking for in a new one. Well, let us just say I got most of my requirements.

After my search back in November, I knew I wanted to purchase it from one of our local stores. And after some facebook stalking of refrigerators on a page I am in and checking out the Samsung refrigerator I was considering, I knew it was a no to that one. Between a lot of people having issues with their Samsung refrigerators and the lack of functionality on the inside, it was a no.

So that left the GE model.  The problem with that one was it was brand new. Like supposed to be going on display this January or February new. And it was the 19th of January. At the store, we check to see when it would be coming in. February. 9th. If I was lucky. And then we would have to schedule a delivery date. Bugger. Hubby was adamant that we needed a refrigerator before then.  And deep down I knew it too.

We were basically at a starting point again. I knew I didn't want the Samsung. The GE would take a month to get here. In the world of refrigerators, there is a lack of 33" wide and countertop deep options. I could write a whole series on the idiocies of things like that. Like maybe 3 under $2000. The very nice lady, who actually happened to live one county road over some years ago, showed us some display models. They had a model on display that was on sale for the same price as what the GE refrigerator I wanted was going to be. It was the color I was wanting, slate, and the perfect width. It had most of the same options I liked about the other GE. The depth was 37 1/2". Double Bugger. I was a little leery of display models. Display models can be bad or good. Our gas range was a display model and it has been wonderful. My mom bought a display range and it has been a pain.


After some haggling with the hubby about the depth, we decided to go with the GE display model and a 10-year warranty. And, thankfully, they could deliver it Monday the 22nd. It meant a bit of demo and rebuilding over the weekend, but I knew I could handle it.

When it arrived that Monday the kids were so excited. Tuesday morning Handsome Hank's first words to me were, "Mom, when I got my drink this morning, it was FREEZING!" Safe to say I think we were definitely overdue for a new refrigerator.



Bra Shopping: ThirdLove

MEN: if you feel uncomfortable about the subjects of bras leave now.

Okay ladies, I have been on the bra hunt for over a month now.  The night before Thanksgiving I broke down and went to ThirdLove's website. I am going to get this fact out here now. I am not affiliated with ThirdLove nor is this post sponsored. I just wanted to relay my experiences with them.

First, a little backstory. Most of my life with my "girls" I have been wearing a 34dd. I have mentioned before that I have had 2 surgeries involving my chest being cracked open and have an ICD/AICD. This makes bra fitting interesting. Having a honking device in your left breast can make bras uncomfortable.

I am very familiar with bra measuring and sizing. I am also very aware of how most bra manufacturers do not make their bras to standard measuring. Assinine. I repeat I have been up until the last year a 34dd. I measured as a 34dd. But the only bra that ever fit well consistently was Victoria Secrets The Body Bra in demi and recently the perfect coverage. Well, I have put on a little hormonal weight and have been experiencing the girls fluctuating in size thru out the month. Annoying! One day my stretched out bra works and the next its overflowing.

 ThirdLove 24/7 Class T-Shirt Bra

ThirdLove 24/7 Class T-Shirt Bra

I had been hearing rave reviews about ThirdLove so I thought why not. I went to the website and did there fit test. Now I think it would have been more accurate if my bras were not 2 years old and mostly stretched out. They said 34dd...well okay. I had not measured myself in a long while otherwise, I would have laughingly said hell no.

My bra came in about a week and not 5 seconds after I start putting it on I know it is not going to work. Blah. So I start the exchange process. Problem? Both the girls are overflowing. They suggest a 34f. Sounds about right. I barely got the 34dd mailed back before the 30-day deadline. Whew! At this point I decided to measure myself and it says 34f. Okay, so maybe we are good.

The next bra, 34f, came the day after Xmas. Yay. I go and try that bra on. Guess what? It does not fit! Really growling now. Now just a little bit of the left side is popping out. I pack it back up and start the exchange. I am totally frustrated at this point. I start checking bra manufacturers and a majority say what I am getting would be their size. I also come across a way of measuring that I had never come across before. That resulted in a 34g. WOW!

This is when the customer service ThirdLove goes on about. The day after I start the 2nd exchange, I get an email from one of their associates. Asking if a different style bra in a 34g would be acceptable. After a couple back and forth emails, I decided to go for it.

 ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Contour Plunge bra

ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Contour Plunge bra

They sent me a 24/7 Classic Contour bra in "twilight". It was very pretty. Although, not necessarily a color I would normally choose. But at this point I was not too concerned about color.

The reason I thought it would be awesome is because it has slightly lined cups, but they also had removable inserts. Yay! Technically, this should solve the whole fluctuating bra size.

I anxiously waited for its arrival. It came! I was so pumped. Finally, this would be a bra that would work!

I opened that sucker know after working all day at the flip house anything can make you excited. Honestly, when you do not normally get something so frivolous, it is exciting. Yah, I know, a new bra is frivolous for me.  Sad. Anywho. Got the box open. Put the bra on. And...blah. It did not work. The bra straps dug into the front of my shoulders. And the left cup was a smidgeon big. The right cup was drowning. And once I pulled the insert out of the left cup, both sides were too big. I about cried. I carefully put it back in its box and then walked around for a week. Mentally making it fit my body. Silly me.

I have to say though. ThirdLove has been extremely awesome through it all. I went online and started the return and no weird questions asked...well, beyond what did not work about it. So all you mostly normal women (have not been cracked open and multiple surgeries that cause you to have badly rolled forward shoulders) I would definitely go try them out. Both bras were super comfortable. And honestly, not much more price wise than Victoria Secrets when you wear larger than a dd cup.

Year: 2018

Recap of 2017: We had a crazy notion. We should flip a house. We had an interesting answered prayer. God said yes you will. And we have been working on it ever since.

So far there are only 2 things I wish we would have done differently. First, I wish we would have been more organized about when we got things done. Let me just say that we could have scheduled projects a little better. Example:  The other thing I wish was hiring someone else to do the drywall. I am really good at it. But I hate it and it messes up my back like crazy.

I also moved this blog to Squarespace. I am loving it despite not being on here for half the year.  I started this blog with a vague notion of monetizing it. I have decided that I am not meant to do it. Between unreliable internet (#rurallife) and the craziness that can be my life it just does not seem realistic. However, I did take steps to blog more using my phone. I will be writing about that in another post.

This year I am not going to set any unrealistic goals. I am not going to make myself type what I do not feel. I am not going to feel guilty for not being on here. I will write what I want when I can. I am busy. I have a life. I have a house to flip.


My Christmas List

A lot of bloggers out there are sharing with y'all there top gift ideas for him, her, or kids. But I am not. I mean they come in handy, but seriously sometimes I feel like it is just to create more people not being content with what they have or where they are in life.  I know that is not their intention. Their intention is to be helpful. Which I guess it is. I know I sound very back and forth on this subject. I guess it is because I feel like an adult. I had this silly epiphany the other day. I must have officially reached "adulthood" because what I want for Christmas cannot be wrapped.

The things I want are things that cannot be bought, but they may be given. Things like time, energy, and sleep. Closely followed by a million dollars.  I know epic.


Time...time to get jobs done around the house. Time to be with family. Sometimes I would just like to pause time. Just pause time, get a million jobs done, and then take a long nap.

So for Christmas this year, I pray that you remember to use what precious time you have in the best way possible...time spent with your loved ones.

A New Home

I guess since we have mentioned it to the family I can tell y'all. We want a new a home. But we do not want to move. We want to stay in our quiet little corner in the country. Originally, we thought to build an addition. Then we end up with an awkward layout (which would drive me insane), more square footage than we need, and still have a very poor foundation. And part of me would be sad to see our gorgeous barns slowly fall apart while the house got bigger.


I love the character of our tiny farmhouse, but I hate the frosty winter chill the kitchen and upstairs take on during the winter. Despite enormous amounts of insulation and straw bales around the foundation. Ultimately the worst thing about the house is the foundation...and that the laundry area is in the basement. Three of the four seasons I can handle that both the kid's rooms are not even a 10' x 10'. And one day soon the tiny stairs going to our room from the bathroom are going to cause issues when the kids reach teenage-hood.

We came to a point this last fall that maybe our best bet was to demolish the house and put a new one in its place. Living in a camper on the farm while we build. In some ways, it breaks my heart thinking about demolishing the original farmhouse after we (extended family too) have put so much money and time into it. But I felt in a weird way we were going to do a new house for ourselves.

The idea of building new came to a crashing halt when we found out to build a standard grade home with little customization would be $150 a square foot. We are talking carpet people...shudder. I hate carpet. The first thing I think of with carpet is having to clean up kid vomit and dog accidents. Yuck.  I am going to be honest, I got real LOW. And some people, read hubby, starting getting upset at me for not being grateful. I am grateful. Our farmhouse keeps us safe and dry. And with the woodstove, we stay warm. And it is extremely affordable...but it is small and hard. And sometimes when we have storms I would be more grateful if it had a SAFE basement.

I feel like I am coming full circle. When we (pre-wedding) started looking at farmhouses, we came across a place with a gorgeous barn. A barn made for converting to a home. But the hubby, in his lack of construction skills days, could not see it. Fortunately, we landed on our secluded little farm with some of the best neighbors you could ask for. A place where my grandfather on multiple occasions said if he were 25 years younger he would pick up and start over. This is coming from a man who was living on his father's farm and was always about family.


When we first moved in, in the back of my head was the thought that big, old, beautiful, bank barn would make a really nice house. But soon babies, emergency hospital trips, and other life blurred that thought into the recesses of my brain. Then about 5 years ago hubby made the comment (now really handy in the construction area) that the barn would make a pretty awesome home. I seriously wanted to throw the hammer in my hand at him. I didn't. 

Well in the last week my bummed out brain got it in her head that maybe God has a plan for us to build a new home here. Maybe it is not where and what I thought. And maybe, just maybe, it is out of the barn. A girl can hope.

The Ticking Fridge

I have a time bomb in my kitchen. It starts ticking at random and then thunks. I hope it does not explode...sigh. Or catch on fire. Which could actually happen since I smelled overheated electrical the one time.  Seriously though, my refrigerator is making death rattles. It ticks and it thunks. After fixing the freezer 3 times from defrosting into the lower half I think the fridge is done. I spent what little energy (head colds with body aches suck) cleaning out the freezer portion yesterday morning. Fun fun fun.  The tell was the soggy bananas. Thankfully stuff towards the back was still solid and I do not keep meat in it.  So today I am starting my official hunt for a new refrigerator.

In my dreams, I would be looking at a gorgeous fridge with vintage flair. Or one with the option to have cabinet panels. Sigh. Nope for my immediate future. I will be lucky if I get my somewhat attainable french door style. That is if I do not compromise on wanting something that does not stick out a foot into the room.

So here is what I am looking for in a new refrigerator.

  • french door
  • easily fit into a 36" wide space
  • no overall depth deeper than 31.5"
  • no fancy stuff

Simple right? Nope. I am trying to stay as close to $1000 as possible. So the french door that I want may become just bottom freezer. I may lose out on cubic ft and I may end up having water and ice dispenser which I know will not work with our nasty water and cause fights between Princess Pea and Handsome Hank. I really do not care what color. Although I would like to stay away from black. These 2 are the ones I am looking at because they fit the space.

A little about the fridge we have now. It sturdy little workhorse that bought at Menards before we got married on sale for $400. This one at Menards is very similar and its price is at $849. Sigh, definitely more than we originally spent. "Upgrading" the refrigerator is something I have wanted to do, but at Christmas time just does not sound like the most fun time to buy an appliance.

Flipping: Not for the faint of heart!

So last year we had started this crazy notion of flipping a house. And this past April we had a crazy weird answer to prayer. So the hunt for a flip house began. We saw some pretty interesting things. Mold, rolling floors, and bedrooms that acted as hallways. Then our realtor, who is like family to the family, suggested we stop at a house he had in mind. It was not your typical flip house. No disastrous problems. Everything that needed to be done, the hubby and I could handle.

The price was more than what I was willing to spend on it though. We put in a verbal offer to the sellers, they were not too excited and said no. We kept looking but nothing really struck us as gold. About a month later we were back at the realtors suggested house. Would the sellers be interested in our price this time? Maybe so we gave it to them again, with an as-is after inspections. This time they accepted our offer. However, the inspections brought up a big ouchie. The cast pipe for the sewer was caved in. And they were not sure if it was in the yard ($500 fix) or in the road ($5,000 fix). We kind of backed off. They were not thrilled about taking less because of the sewer pipe and I was not thrilled about staying with our offer and possibly paying out the nose for something that is not pretty even if you could see it. Thankfully our realtor is awesome and they said they would rather fix it and then sell it. Yay for us because the fix involved the road!

So here we are working on our little flip house since August. I will do a before and after post for each room when we get done. But so far we have replaced the roof, some windows, most the electrical, and most the lighting. It sounds like we have come a long way, but I feel like we have barely done anything!


Today marks the first official snow of this season!!! I am beyond excited. To me, snow has a purifying effect. A shimmering blanket...a soft purity that calms the world.

A few years back I started really trying to take good photos of the farm when it is coated with the glorious white gold. And I stumbled onto the idea of using one each year as a Christmas card. Last year time and money got away from me. This year it is going to happen. Sometimes I think to myself that I should make a collection and sell them. But a girl only gets so much snow in a season.

Bath Fan Fab

You know when you have those moments when you're a mom and your hiding in the bathroom? Well, I had one of those moments recently. Looking up at the ceiling and thinking "oh God?" ...I actually just had one of those moments in the kitchen...anyway. I am sitting on the closed toilet seat thinking when is the hubby going to be home and how much chocolate do I have in the house. Then my thought process connected to my eyeballs and actually saw my bathroom fan. Yuck! Let's just say that it is probably the most forgotten item to clean in our bathroom.

Not only was our bathroom fan dirty, it was ugly. Picture this....

Yep, a completely serviceable and basic fan. BORING! When you're a mom you have ideas what feels like decades ago and then BOOM! You are reminded of them and not only do you remember the cool thing you wanted to try, you actually have the tools and materials to do it! In this case, it was "wouldn't painting the bathroom fan a color be cool?" And then "hey, I have some new spray paint I want to try!"

All I needed was a tarp, painting sheet, a bandana for my face and spray paint.  When I was working on the vintage door for the bathroom I picked a can of Rustoleum's Universal Advance Formula in Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze. [Just letting y'all now that this is not sponsored. No money or gifts were exchanged].

I was lazy. I spray painted the darn thing right on my ceiling. After a thorough vacuuming, of course. First, spread whatever you are using to protect your bathroom down. I used a tarp for the floor and toilet and a painting sheet for the sink. Since our bathroom is precociously small, I stood half-hazard on the toilet and tub wall to get my painting action done. I do NOT suggest this scenario if you have room for a ladder. After a few minutes of light spraying, the standard bath fan looked a 100x better. And I didn't manage to break a leg or anything while doing it, yay me! Can you tell I am definitely an on the fly kind of girl?

The downside to spray painting your bath fan a dark color (without taking it down) is then painting the ceiling. It took about 2 coats of primer and then 2 more coats of paint. Now if I had taller ceilings...or even the standard 8' ceilings, I would have been adventurous and painted it a dark blue like Hale Navy or black. But I don't, so I went with a gray-white.

bath fan fab.png

My little "moments" are going to be much more enjoyable knowing that when I come down to earth my bath fan looks a lot nicer.

How to Install a Vintage Door

First, you have to find that fabulous vintage door that your heart goes pitter patter over. Lucky for me I am a vintage door horder. Ask the Hubby, I have a growing collection in our barn. Even older doors followed a standard system, one hitch though is they were generally shorter than today's doors. It is easier to add height to a door without distracting from its character but it is harder to make it wider. So make sure when you go door hunting know your door dimensions and try and get as close as possible.

Now you have your door! The fun begins. Remove any and all hardware that is on your door. My door, as gorgeous as it is, is a left-hand swing so that meant taking off the rusted hinges off. I did save the original hinges in hopes of removing all the crust and make them useable once again. Now hopefully your swing is the same as your existing door but if not, no worries. All you need to fix that problem is a sharp wood chisel and a hammer.


Mark where your hinges will need to be with a pencil, make sure your marks are clear. You do not want to chisel the wrong area. Carefully tap the marked off area. Older wood may or may not come out easier than a new door so stressing on the careful. At this point, I left the room. Whenever the Hubby works on something old I am constantly freaking he is going to boob it up. And I don't trust myself on the special old things. So for the sanity of our marriage, I walk away. I am sure the hubby appreciates it.  

Now I hit a snag after we got the hinges on the door. The door was not shutting properly on the bottom. We had to really push on the bottom for the door to close. Now our previous door had been giving me this issue for the last 10 years. Well, I wasn't going to ruin an old door with all that rubbing. So I started attacking the door frame. I know, I know. Not a logical decision. Apparently, it was a good one. After hacking the worst part off the bottom. I realized that it was tight from the latch down...getting tighter and tighter. Now I was stumped. How much of this door frame was I going to be taking out? And Why?!?!? 

I was growing concerned, so I grabbed my square, level, and tape measure. After grabbing those tools it was easy to find out that even though the door was really close to plumb square at the top from the latch down the door-way got smaller. UGH! Thankfully the trim is recessed a smidgeon from the door frame and it allowed me to use that handy wood chisel and my sander to take the door frame down so it was flush with the trim. Dang, does the door shut nice now! Go me!!

To keep her in her gorgeous state, I carefully sanded her and wiped her down with 3 coats of satin Wipe-On Polyurethane. For her hardware, I managed to salvage the plates and paint them with Rustoleum Universal spray paint in oil rubbed bronze. I replaced the latching mechanism that is in the door with new from our local Menards. And I managed to remember that somewhere I had old porcelain knobs and they fit like a dream! YAY! She does have a nice size gap at the bottom, which I may or may not fix down the road. But for now, I am just enjoying her.

vintage door.png


I love this door!! So glad I made the executive decision to add character back into our old farmhouse.